Datalord Techologies is one of the largest document scanning companies in Nigeria with secure onsite document storage facilities. We deliver bluechip solutions to public and private companies by scanning any size or type of document. Our company has a unique bureau management system by provides a quality check service, recording of information of user and process, and a secure audit trail.

As part of the quality check, our dedicated quality checking team cross-check all scanned documents before final delivery. At Datalord technologies, we ensure image format as required by the client are adhered to by saving it on USB, CD, DVD or secured cloud document management solution which allows you have access to the document in any location.

Datalord Technologies scan both small and large document. We also provide bulk scanning by capturing over 3 million images each month. With our scanner, we can handle documents easily and quickly by scanning over 350 images per minute with high-quality digital images. Datalord Technologies staff are trained to handle documents securely and we are accredited for quality data management. We are capable of scanning images up to A0 size.